Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) is an interdisciplinary area that draws upon the traditionally distinct academic departments of the sciences or engineering, broadly interpreted. It is more than any of its component fields, and traditionally does not fit within the subject areas, conference and journal scopes, or reward structures of computer science, mathematics, or any of science or engineering departments alone. An example of a research endeavor that would be considered CSE is the development of a large-scale computer simulation code to investigate a scientific question that goes beyond the use of canned (commercial or freely available) software but requires familiarity with other aspects of the simulation.

The Computational Science and Engineering Master of Science (M.S.) program is a interdisciplinary program created to foster computationally intensive research and graduate education in the sciences and engineering. The role of the individual scientist trained in a specific discipline is now being replaced by a scientific team that brings individuals with different backgrounds and expertise together in a multidisciplinary approach. Our aim is to produce a professional in scientific computing who will be able to work as part of an interdisciplinary research team. A recipient of this degree will be well trained in state-of-the-art numerical methods, use of software development tools and in the application of these techniques to at least one scientific or engineering area. The graduates of this program will be ideal candidates for PhD programs at our institution and elsewhere.