CSE 503 Mathematics for Science and Engineering (3+0+0) 3
Ordinary differential equations, complex analysis, special functions (Bessel, Legendre). N-dimensional vector space, linear algebra, Fourier series and integrals, Laplace equation, principles of wave and propagation equations.

CSE 551 Computational Methods

(3+0+0) 3
Use of workstations for the solution of interdisciplinary problems using a case study based approach. Recent advances in computing for power users, RISC and Supercomputer structures, Vector and parallel computing, distributed applications. Case studies requiring a choice among alternative algorithms, evaluation of errors and error propagation in situations requiring the successive application of different algorithms. Open source scientific applications such as linear algebra and matrix tools, statistical packages, symbolic programming tools, program libraries.

CSE 552 Computational Project

(1+0+4) 3
Computational research carried out together with a faculty member in the area Computational Science and Engineering. Directing the students? work in internalizing the knowledge about the programs and methods used their area of research.

CSE 578 Graduate Seminar

(0+1+0) 0
The widening of students' perspectives and awareness of topics of interest to computational scientists and engineers through seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers and graduate students.

CSE 579 Graduate Seminar

(0+1+0) 0
The introduction of students to topics of interest to computational scientists and engineers through seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers and graduate students.

CSE 690 M.S. Thesis

(0+1+0) 0
Options: Please refer to Bo?zi? University Graduate Catalogue for complete description of the courses listed below:

CE 501 The Boundary Element Method
CE 505 Applied Stochastic Analysis and Modeling
CE 557 Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis
CE 601 Finite Elements I
CE 651 Non-Linear Structural Analysis
CE 654 Theory of Structural Stability
ChE 511 Polymer Processing Principles and Modeling
ChE 518 Conformational Statistics and Dynamics of Polymers
ChE 555 Modeling and Analysis of Chemical Engineering Systems I
ChE 556 Modeling and Analysis of Chemical Engineering Systems II
ChE 578 Dynamic Optimization of Chemical Processes
Chem 522 Advanced Computational Chemistry
CmpE 478 Parallel Processing
CmpE 530 Mathematical Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
CmpE 535 Computer Graphics
CmpE 540 Principles of Artificial Intelligence
CmpE 544 Pattern Recognition
ESC 504 Comp. Methods in Environmental Analysis
ESC 558 Concepts and Models in Ecology
ESC 523 Advanced Air Pollution Modeling
ESC 612 Advanced Ground Water Modeling
ESC 571 Introduction to Climate Dynamics
ESC 615 Environmental Systems Modeling
IE 501 Optimization Technics 1
IE 502 Optimization Technics 2
IE 514 Nonlinear Programming
IE 515 Graphs and Network Flows
IE 590 Combinatorial Optimization
IE 510 Simulation and Modelling
IE 611 Integer Programming
IE 612 Dynamic Programming
ME 581 Aerodynamics
ME 610 Finite Elements
ME 656 Computational Fluid Dynamics
PHYS 554 Numerical and Symbolic Computation
PHYS 555 Numerical Methods in Chaotic Systems
PHYS 556 Simulation of Physical Phenomena